quinta-feira, 28 de abril de 2011



"Keep your feet on the ground
 When your head's in the clouds"


"Well, you built up a world of magic
   Because your real life is tragic
   Yeah you built up a world of magic"

"If it's not real
  You can't hold it in you hand
  You can't feel it whit your heart
  And i won't believe it
  But if it's true
  You can see it with your  eyes
  Oh,even in the dark
  And that's where i want to be,yeah


Brick by boring brick - Paramore

12 comentários:

  1. Também adoro esta banda :)
    E sim , eu também tenho um pouco de medo de dentistas :S

  2. fiquei fascinada com aquelas palavras!

  3. Estou a seguir (:

    Espero bem que sim, que tudo dê certo e que os problemas parem $:

    Obrigada (:

  4. qe lindoo
    adorei *-*

    bom fds


  5. Obrigada pela visita Rafa! *-*
    Gostei muito daqui...

    Me aguarde!


  6. I like that.."Keep your feet on the ground, when your head is in the clouds"..Yep, that is a good line..We have to stay grounded in life..that is for sure..Thanks for the visit..have a happy weekend..Rosebud.